Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I know I just posted yesterday, but this seems to be the week for laughs so I'm sharing again.

My wayward son dropped in today. He needs some help paying a speeding ticket and his dad and I told him we could help but he was to "man up" and help his dad at work to pay the loan off. Of course he waited until the last day to tell us he needed the money, but whatever, at least my son won't be jail-bait because of speeding, right?

Anyway, I make my kids a goodie bag for Halloween every year. this year I put some candy, deodorant, body wash and a new toothbrush in my son's bag, figuring those are probably things he needs since he moved out. (the products are travel size) It took his dad and I awhile to learn that these things had to be bought, when we were starting out too.

He seemed pretty excited to get the stuff. His cousin (the one he is living with) thought it was pretty great too.
The conversation went something like this, " (my son) Cool, we needed body wash! (cousin) Yea, I have been washing my hair with a bar of soap for the last 3 days. (my son) If you put water in the old shampoo bottle and swish it around you get a little bit out. (cousin) I'm out of deodorant and I'm almost out of cologne. We need to get paid soon. (my son) waiting to get paid sucks!"

They left and a few minutes later I thought, "Oh gosh." I got a creepy, sick feeling, "I sure do hope they're NOT out of toothpaste!"

"Whatever is good to know is difficult to learn."

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