Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tomorrow is Veteran's day and there are a few men and women I would like to thank for their service.

First, President George Washington. Thank you for putting your confidence in the LORD, knowing that our country would stand as a symbol of peace, freedom and opportunity as long as her citizens were willing to believe, fight to protect and pray to keep.

To my grandfathers. One who spent 3 years in Japan, leaving his wife and three daughters behind. The other, for being able to look at the destruction of an atomic bomb and know it could be rebuilt.

To my uncle. A boy who didn't want war, was drafted, fought along-side other boys, learned to lead, was shot and by the grace of God, protected from death while his friend was lost and thirty years later found engraved on a wall as my uncle fell on his knees and cryed.

To my father-in-law. Who let the horror of war fester into bitterness.

To my friend's husband. Twenty years military and still serving.

To my neighbor's daughter. A new recruit. You go girl!

To the men and women who fought to protect a floundering land, stood in support as the world watched her grow to the greatest nation on earth, who salute her flag and respect her Constitution, are honored to be called United States Soldiers and are not afraid to say "One nation under God."

Thank you for your service, thank you for guarding our freedoms, thank you for standing up to tyranny, defending and aiding the weak, protecting humanity, thank you for your selflessness, your courage, your strength. Thank you for knowing and believing in AMERICA!

Actually there are allot of people I want to thank.

Please remember to honor your Veterans. Pray for them. Remember you would not have the freedoms you do today if it wasn't for their sacrifice.

Thank you, God, for our soldiers.

"... the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!"

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