Sunday, November 14, 2010


We found another treasure at parent-teacher conference on Thursday. This book is called "A children's reader" and was first published in 1909, but our copy is dated 1927! My daughter and I have been reading the stories from it. It is actually a text book for English and it is full of stories of HERO'S. We are reading about Robert E. Lee and the story quotes from some some letters he wrote to his family while he was in the military. Did you know, Robert E. Lee was a CHRISTIAN MAN who PRAYED to GOD for the protection and well-being of his family?! Hmmmm, kinda sad that history text books nowadays don't have a thing about that printed ANYWHERE in the pages!

Here is a little tid-bit from the book, "...Be true, kind and generous, and pray earnestly to God to enable you to keep his commandments and walk in the same all the days of your life..."The General is writing to his son and telling him he hopes he will grow "to be good" and telling him what he needs to do it. (I wish my kids could have been taught from this text when they were in public school.)

We have been sick this past week. Passing the same cough, sore throat and stuffy nose back and forth between my husband, my daughter, and myself. But that didn't stop us from going to bingo on Saturday night! I know, I know, Bingo is for old people, right!? Well, there were some old people there, my parents- to name a few, but this was for CHARITY! and we got fed dinner, so we went! and we had fun! and I WON a prize! and now have a gift card so I can take my hubby out to eat for a real date! So say what you want, BINGO is great!!!

I skipped church today. To make up for it, I read an article from a conference magazine and baked a chocolate cake. Hopefully, by filling my mind with good council and my tummy with (sweet. yummy, warm) antioxidants I will finally be on the road to recovery! If not, I have a blueberry muffin mix in the cupboard and a few more articles to read while I rest in bed!

"life is about love, learning, and chocolate."


  1. Love the story from the reader... I'm afraid there are many stories from our history that would shed some light on our lives if we would only read them. Thanks for sharing that! NEVER tooo young to play some BINGO! Congrats on the win! I'm with you... a little Chocolate makes everything better.

  2. I did not know you had a blog! Yum on the choc cake....


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