Thursday, November 18, 2010


Young love. *sigh*

My daughter likes one of the foreign exchange students at her school.

The school does a T.V. production about once a month highlighting what has been going on around campus, and today some clips from a hockey game were shown. This particular boy is, (*sigh*) GOALIE!

So, my twitter-pated daughter is telling me about the show as we are driving home:

"Yes, he is goalie, and he's soooo cute! and there was a picture of him before the game that he was mad they used because they have, like, 15 different ones, and he's soooo cute, and he was talking about his link he posted on face book and, like, told all us girls to watch it, and mom, (*sigh*) HE IS SOOO CUTE!!!"

All this time the window next to her is starting to steam up. She gets to her 8 millionth "he's soooo cute" and just as I get to that point where I can feel the smile start to crack my face, she reaches over and rolls her window down! "boy," she says, "it's getting hot in here!"

Young love. *sigh*

I think I'm jealous!

"Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo..."

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