Monday, November 22, 2010


If you are offended by crudeness, Please quit reading this post.

For the rest of you...laugh your head off!

My daughter was upstairs vacuuming while I was loading the dishes in the dishwasher. Soon I hear, "MOM!" She turns the vacuum off and asks, "Just why is your VIBRATOR in a laundry basket in the hallway?!"

(This is a milk out of the nose moment) "WHAT!?" I shout and run up the stairs.

Soon I am looking down in the laundry basket where, along with the sheets to my massage table, lies my Massaging neck pillow.

Between gasps for breath because I'm laughing my butt off, I say to my daughter, "You need to remember to say MASSAGER not vibrator, you sound crude!" Ha, ha, ha!!!

She answers in a huff, "Well it does vibrate!"

"A funny bone is a very good thing to have."

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