Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Allot has been going on here, well probably everywhere since it is CHRISTmas time, but for me... I hate being busy.

My son has been working with his dad which is good because I see him more. He still lives with my (insert bad word here) brother-in-law. I hate that. I find myself getting angry about this way to often! Is it really wrong to wish I had no in-laws? I mean, it is CHRISTmas time & God loves everyone, right? God told me to love everyone too, but he also made me & told me I would sin, so doesn't he expect me to have mean feelings for another from time to time? O.K. maybe with this particular person it is all the time but I do try to make up for that short coming by being extra, extra nice to those I don't find completely freakish & if God loves my B.I.L, that is all that really matters, right?

*deep breath*

On to another subject, I had the trees in my backyard pruned. My daughter told me she needs curtains in her window because now people can see in the window. (hmmm, being able to see through a window? Brilliant idea!) I hate window coverings! Our houses are so small, when you cover up the windows it makes me feel like I am suffocating! Let me just state here, we only have 7 windows in the whole house! So if you are looking through our windows, STOP! You are giving my daughter the heebie-jeebies!

My CHRISTmas tree is up, my CHRISTmas cards are in the mail, I have made caramels for the first time, and most of my shopping is done! Now we are focusing on sub-for-Santa, which is my favorite part of the CHRISTmas workout! Every person should be able to touch another's life through the spirit of CHRIST, it is just the perfect way to make someone's day!

If you noticed, I have a special word capitalised. My way of showing the importance of CHRISTmas. It's not "happy holidays", or "seasons greetings" & it is absolutely never "x-mas"! I just cannot figure out why non-CHRISTians celebrate CHRISTmas? What are they celebrating?!

another *deep breath*

I will stop there because if I don't I will be off on another tangent & I am trying to let my heart be filled with the CHRISTmas spirit not drown it out. Oh, how much I love knowing I have a Savior that is all about forgiveness & still loves me anyway!

"Fear not, for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy that shall be to all people..."

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