Friday, February 11, 2011


My "Love project" is still going. After day 3 I had to really start thinking because I was finding myself thinking "who deserves my love?" and that wasn't the point, was it?! Anyway, now I'm just waiting each day for love to fall in my lap. So far the opportunities have or I would have given up already. BUT that is not what I wanted to write about, this is...

I'm frustrated with frustration!  Today, while standing in my kitchen eating a pumpkin cookie and glaring at my messy table a sunbeam streamed in through my window so I squashed myself into its path on the only place my counter-top was clear and closed my eyes. then I started wishing. I wished my house would clean itself, I wished I had a bigger house, I wished I had a bigger house with a maid, I wished I had a mansion with a house-keeping staff and a Gardener to take care of my gardens and a chauffeur to drive me around in my Rolls-Royce, I wished I was a PRINCESS!

I stopped right there because I have a problem with most of the princess stories, so while I am a princess I re-wrote my story. It goes something like this...

Once upon a time the Princess got up enough nerve to confront her wicked step-mother and said, "Dinner is ready, don't forget to eat desert-we're having APPLES! but please leave the seeds, I'm going to make a fortune selling them on e-bay! What's that? Oh, no need to poke at me, I'm happy to go take a nap for 100 years, after all- when it's time to wake up you'll be dead! Just let me send Prince Charming an e-mail, If I'm going to be late he may as well take his time at the gym (No sense in letting himself go) and still have time to swing by fairy godmother's, I don't want to wake up to glass slippers, those pinch my toes and ruin my posture. No, he'll have to bring me some new walking shoes. Maybe he will surprise me with a pair of brightly colored fuzzy socks too! Hopefully by then the market will have picked up, we really don't want to be stuck with this crumbling heap. I mean look at the place! The mirror is cracked and the pumpkin is starting to smell! No, we will definitely be relocating after the wedding. Don't worry, I plan to fill the pond with toads before I leave so the step sisters won't lack for dates. Who knows- maybe some cursed jerk will get what he deserves! (or she will) *ahem* So,
SIT. EAT. ENJOY. I am going upstairs to rest, everyone should look their best for happily ever after. Oh, one more thing...

I'm keeping the dragon. I'll need him to eat the Queen!"

Oh how I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sun!

"...Day Dream Believer..."

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