Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentines day is over, here is my report.

Day 1. sent something nourishing (added a scripture) to a neighbor who I know, but don't really know, if that makes any sense.

day 2. sent a text to my "other mother". No, not my mother-in-law, I love this one! LOL!

day 3. sent an encouraging e-mail to my son. He didn't respond but I hope he read it.

day 4. valentine to a sick child I don't know.

day 5. bath fizzy and note to my daughter saying "thanks for being good".

day 6. two activity books (I bought on clearance ages ago & never used) given to young kids at our church.

day 7. pizza for a hard-working couple.

day 8. dinner for a cousin who was missing her mom.

day 9. movie snack for kids of young (pregnant) mother. (hoping mom got a nap)

day 10. home-made treat for a friend I rarely see.

day 11. letter to a fun & creative young man who lives out-of-state.

day 12. visit with my aunt who has some health problems.

day 13. thank you to a spiritual leader. (I forgot to send, so doing it today)

day 14. valentine treat for my husband.

This project was fun. While I don't know if my attitude has been adjusted completely, at least it got "torqued" a little bit and helped me to set aside some of my frustration with things that have been irritating me.

Since I'm not dead, I'll keep practicing being nice because, you know, it really didn't hurt,

(all that much) lol!

"...It provides us with a reason for gladness."

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  1. Oh Amber, it was you!!

    I drove myself crazy that day trying to think of who would leave that. Thank you for your kindness - and what an amazing valentine exercise. I admire you. I was thinking last week as I served someone else how good it felt and that I should be doing personal service more often.

    Thank you for the example!


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