Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday we had an open house for my daughter. She has completed her personal progress and just like my son's Eagle Court of Honor, we wanted to celebrate her accomplishment with friends and family. This program is not easy and the girls really have to discipline themselves to finish before they are 18. My daughter took almost 6 years to compete her book but along the way learned, served, and lived the high and humble standards that our Savior knows she (and everyone else) is capable of.

We went to the craft store and got boxes, ribbon, fancy paperclips and labels in pink, purple, yellow and orange. Then we made decorations, then baked cookies! lots and lots of cookies!

Everyone who came got to pick a box and fill it with their choice of cookies. We had chocolate chip, snicker doodles, lemon, ginger, m&m, oatmeal, pumpkin, sugar, shortbread, and a variety of store bought too.

My daughter received some nice gifts. jewelry, lotion, candles, and sweet cards from people who love her.

We are very proud of her! What an inspiring program the personal progress is and what a great job, to have committed and followed through, she accomplished!

Always remember who you are and WHO you want to follow!

"let each be faithful to the divine attributes that are within her."

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  1. Congrats!! The Bishop mentioned this in sacrament yesterday. It's a wonderful accomplishment.


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