Friday, July 22, 2011


Playing it cool...

This week has been busy, busy, busy!!!

I get really run down if I have to "fit things in" my schedule and my mind goes into over-drive, I get headaches that can't be controlled, and I need lots and lots of sleep to recover.

By wed. everything was so out of control that when I went to bed I felt sick and then didn't sleep well. I got really hot and by morning was down to a tee-shirt and underwear with the air conditioner and bedroom fan going along with every ice pack I own plastered on my chest! so when my alarm went off at 6:20 am I was kind of OUT-OF-IT!

I figured it was so early that if no one was out I would just run the dog to his chain (only about 4 ft. from the porch) before getting dressed. I opened the door, and for the sake of modesty, looked to make sure the coast was clear before I hustled him out and hooked him up.

Wouldn't you know it...

As I turned around there was my neighbor's recently married son standing on their driveway!!!

Now I'm not a modest person by nature, and I happen to find the human body fascinating, and I'm pretty sure my tee-shirt was long enough to cover my underwear, and I'm POSITIVE my underwear covers my bottom, but there is just something embarrassing about being CAUGHT "without your pants" so-to-speak!!

Instead of stumbling over my tongue trying to cover my embarrassment I just smiled and wished him "good morning" as if it was perfectly normal to find myself in that predicament.

And my teenagers think I'm not cool, HA, HA!!!

"temporary insanity, that's all it was!"

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