Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When my kids were little, just like every mother, there were some lessons I repeated over and over in hopes my kids would absorb them. You know, don't eat dirt, always look for cars because the driver isn't looking for you, don't go anywhere with a stranger, that sort of thing.

One lesson- what to do in case of a fire, was something we reviewed every few months or so when they were little. We had a diagram showing escape routes. We had a meeting place, our neighbor's front yard tree. We had rules, DON'T stop for anything! And we had practice, I would push the fire alarm and let them act out what they were suppose to do.

Of course, we have never had a fire but every once in a while, even through their teens, I would bring the conversation up just to rest my mind that they hadn't forgot what to do.

So when our fire alarm started screeching at 4:25 the other morning, I am HAPPY to report that as I jumped out of bed thinking my house was burning down, and my husband rolled over and covered his head with a pillow, our daughter was making her way down the stairs to the front door and did not stop for shoes, objects, or pets!!! (if you know my daughter, leaving the pets... well, it worried me)

Oh, only a mother can understand the relief this "little life lesson" brought to my mind! I guess some of my attempts at parenting worked out, huh?!

"there is surety in repetition."

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