Saturday, August 27, 2011


I had the most incredible time this morning!


Let me tell you about it.

My dad loves flying, learning to fly, reading about flying, if it can get off the ground he is addicted.

My Aunt CD is fearless! She loves an adventure, but my uncle doesn't, however he loves to pamper his wife.

So last Christmas my Uncle bought my Aunt a balloon ride for Christmas, then my mom bought one for my dad. The ride gift certificate was good for two people.

My Aunt decided to take her son. (only child here, so good thing he has her adventurous spirit) My dad wanted to take my husband, but he is afraid of heights and wasn't about to leave the ground, so my dad said he would have to think about who he would take.

Now I have 7 siblings. All of the except one has a spouse/partner. My dad also has 6 siblings and many, many friends so when my mom said "dad will probably take you." (mom won't go, scared of heights too) I was like..."PLEASE PICK ME!" but I didn't say anything out loud, after all he could have chosen any body.


Well, here it is 8 months later & the ride is scheduled for 6:30 am. I am suppose to be up at 4:30 so we make it in time but of course I am so excited I can not go to sleep. I was checking the time at 11:00 pm, 12:30am, 2:16am, 3:46am, (here I am tempted to call dad to see if he is up. only the threat of being left home for calling kept me from doing it) finally it's 4:25am and I beat the alarm.

Dressed, fed, & out the door in 15 minutes! Yes!

At the Field, my mom is quickly working herself into a panic & I am almost hopping around with excitement! Truly, there were little kids there who weren't nearly as excited as I was! If the pilot would have let me I could of had that balloon up and going quicker than they did.

And 30 minutes later, we are off the ground! Let me tell you, it is so quiet, so smooth, so magnificent you wouldn't believe...

The sunrise...

The breeze...

The mountains...

The water...

The houses, airport, farmland... (hey, this is 2011 we'll deal with it)

The feel of being 6,000 feet off the ground and gliding! Literally, you ARE gliding. It's the most gentle motion ever!

I am one happy, HAPPY girl! I could have stayed in that balloon all day. It was over much to quickly, but what an adventure! THANK YOU DAD!!!

"Gosh, this is going to be fun...!"

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