Saturday, September 3, 2011


Any body want to share their family? I don't want mine any more. (actually I haven't for a long time)

"Why?" you ask. Hmmm, well stupidity, abuse and addiction have never really appealed to my completely functioning brain and body.

Yes, all of my siblings & my in-laws have problems with one or all of the above characteristics. In the beginning I would fight constantly with them. Huge fights! I became the one with "the big mouth", "Opinionated bitch" & "she-thinks-she's perfect" reputation. Well, I'm admitting to the first 2, but the last- never! "I have never thought or said I am perfect. Actually, I probably go overboard confessing how stupid I was and can be. My mother has actually told me that I do not need to let everyone know my whole life story.
I think some of the things I did really embarrassed her & she would rather pretend it never happened.

But I just don't get how speaking-up about it being WRONG for your sisters to be punched BLACK & BLUE, for your brothers to be STONED out of their MINDS, or your in-laws to laugh about DRIVING DRUNK OFF their ASSES is being opinionated and bitchy!!!

EXCUSE ME WORLD!!! Yes, this is a free country! Yes, it is your life! Yes, I can see not everyone is perfect! BUT WRONG IS STILL WRONG!!! and not only is it wrong, it's not just you who is affected by your free will!!!

I understand that your brain does not function at full capacity anymore. Abuse tends to bring that about. What I don't understand is how you got there in the first place. I can tell you the first punch I ever received I knew was wrong! & I certainly held the person to his apology that it would never happen again.

It did.

I called the police.

Hasn't happened again AND I think twice about listening when he opens his mouth.

I have never taken drugs. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out, all it takes is watching someone hallucinate about being eaten by rodents/insects and gouge at themselves to put me off  this one. It really happens, schools should implement videos of these people coming off a high- BEST ANTI-DRUG campaign ever!

My wedding reception. Drunks everywhere. My in-laws still remember it as "A great time!" I remember it too. Yes, drunk-blind cousin-in-law recorded husband's friend spiking the punch because my conservative family needed to "lighten-up a bit." My grandmother was horrified, my mother spent the next hour keeping dozens of little ones out of the "punch" and trying to convince them water tasted good while my dad snuck a sip and my hubby's friends reported to the cool people at the bar how funny the "Mormons" were. Then as the evening progressed, another in-law bet money to have hubby's cousin "moon" the camera! to the delight of my "non-conservative" new family- he did! Then my drunk FIL picked a fight with a drunk female guest in the kitchen, my drunk MIL fell off the stool at the bar & my BIL, also drunk, puked all over the bathroom! Classy, huh?!

I have never had the desire to get drunk or watch the video of that night. Somethings that should be forgotten never can be.

After trying to scream some sense into my family I decided to try and ignore them. Ha! you ever try to ignore your bickering kids? Works for a very short time until you have to do something about it or pull your hair out! I was not made to ignore stupidity! I just can't! It is IMPOSSIBLE!

So, I quit going around.

Worked until they started encouraging my son. I still don't go around but the bitterness that is consuming my heart- I can feel festering ALL THE TIME!


Why does my family want to destroy my kid? I get that they don't see it that way, but I DON'T get why they don't see it that way!

It is obvious! right there in front of their faces! clear as the light of day!

Proof that stupid people walk in darkness and are happy in their misery. Yes, proof that "misery really does love company."

I know that Jesus never gives up on us, but you know, neither does Satan! It is really depressing to be related to his minions! I want a good, healthy family who cares for each other, looks out for one another, helps and wants the best for the family and enjoys being part of a lasting legacy of good, honest, healthy people who believe in and take pride in the family heritage.

So if any of you have family to share...

"you've got to stand for something... or you'll fall for anything..."

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