Tuesday, October 25, 2011


You know, I really have a problem with stupidity! (please note, I am on my soapbox and I have added some levels since last rant)

Now that I have some attention, let me offer a few lessons in humanity and common sence!

1) Did you know if you are facing an unwanted pregnancy there is a 100% chance of it going away on its own if you wait about 40 weeks or so?!
The Fact is abortion IS murder! It's not the woman's right to pull the limbs off, burn, or snip the brainstem off of a body that is not her own! & the fetus (which is latin for "young one" for those of you who shy away from calling a fetus an infant or baby) can FEEL the pain even when the *cough* so called "mother" has been doped up! & in some abortion clinics if the woman asks to see the remains the staff will wrap them in a blanket! Why not just hand over the bucket?- because *gasp* that would be insensitive!! so I'm insensitive! there are multiple adoption agencies & long, long waiting lists of people looking to adopt. Don't believe this, look into it! murder of innocent babies is not & should never be a woman's right!

2) America deserves respect! This living in an "evolved society" is bogus!! You cannot change a terrorists view by being nice! (& if you want to proove me wrong, please move to the middle east and practise your niceness firsthand) people! there has been war, famine, religious disputes, and power-hungry leaders as long as the earth has had humans & refusing to admit that hasn't changed anything! Be grateful there are PATRIOTS willing to keep our constitution safe, I am positive the ones who stand ready to protect your right spout discontent with it wish you would show some gratitude & shut the he** up! There is nothing wrong with wanting the world to be a peaceful one but not everyone is into weaving flowers! And guess what? those people don't care about your flowers or your freedom!

3)"slut walks" are rediculous! Yes, I am in agreement with the idea that women should be safe from criminals but I don't think the woman who started this whole thing has any common sence! I think the policeman who said girls on campus should avoid dressing like a slut should be commended. This man works with criminals every day!! Hello? If there was an attacker around your town going after people who wore red don't you think you would avoid the color for a while? So what if we should be able to dress however we want? We are not talking about everyone- we are talking criminals! They don't think like the average joe! Be thankful you have people willing to be police! I think people who march in "slut walks" should place their focus on confronting criminals not law enforcement! besides how can anyone take someone serious while they're prancing around in their underwear?!


"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"

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