Monday, October 31, 2011


We almost had it...

Yes, I got a call from the transplant team at 11:38 this morning! The nurse telling me to let my husband know not to eat or drink, that we had a potential donor & she would be calling us in the next 2 to 3 hours to let us know.

Before she hung up I asked if the kidney was coming in from out-of-state, she said, "No it's local."
I will admit my first thought was, "YES! This one is ours!!" It seemed perfect! I prayed, I called family, I called my best friend & my support group. I said, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! I guess I thought if enough of us were praying God would have to give us this one. I mean, it has been 11 years! It's been almost 2 since the potential transplant last May! & this is the second call this year!

I was shaking, I was excited, I was a little scared. My husband wasn't ANSWERING HIS PHONE! This is normal for him, but by the time I got a return call I was in a bit of a temper! I told him to come home in an hour in case we had to get to the hospital.

I waited.

I waited some more.

At 1:30pm the nurse called me back. The kidney wasn't a match after all.

I admit I cried.


I hope it went to someone & their transplant is perfect.

Well, back to waiting...


"the skies will clear when they have been dark..."

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  1. Oh Amber, I'm so sorry. I will pray for your family. I know the Lord knows your suffering. You're right about the sky clearing. Someday...


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