Monday, March 19, 2012


My week in Cabo San Lucas was so, so nice!

We flew in on Tuesday. Customs in Mexico was a long wait. I was disappointed it wasn't more modernized. (think U.S.A. airports from 50 years ago) Then our 45 min. cab ride to the resort. drivers there follow 1 rule- the bravest go first!

Driving through town was an eye-opener. Mexico is poor! I feel totally jaded! To live in an area with so much tourism, you would think that wealth would carry into the surrounding cities. No, it doesn't. the graffiti, the vandalism, the bars on all the buildings- homes included, I felt sad seeing this kind of living. AND VERY, VERY, HAPPY I LIVE IN AMERICA!

Tuesday night we relaxed & had a nice dinner. My cousin got a little tipsy from all the "pineapple juice" the waiters kept bringing me. It's a funny story, so if you want the details ask me when you see me! LOL! Then a drunk guy tried to get into our room at 2:00am. He seemed really shocked that we were not letting him in and kept telling security that "There are girls in my room!" which lead security to think he belonged with us & we had locked him out! ha,ha,ha! We didn't let him in & the staff did find out where he belonged. Then a fight  in the hall until 4:30am. exciting night!

Wed. we spent on the beach. 82 degree weather! Loved it! Let me just say I could get use to sitting on a lounge chair & having someone bring me my food! That night we swam in the pool and joined the others for dinner. I tryed something new every time. Tuna stuffed avocados with caviar- GOOD STUFF!

Thurs. boat ride to Land's end, arch, & Lover's beach. Fed angel fish in the bay. Beautiful, soft, golden sand! I drew a heart & wrote my hubby's & my initials in the sand, then took a picture. We stayed there for the afternoon. quiet, peaceful, sunny! Life was good. (yes, I brought some sand home.)

Fri. Shopping at the flea market & walking the pier. I got to hold a baby tiger!- YES, favorite part of the trip! Oh my gosh, tiger cubs are wonderful! I was in heaven! I could go on & on... ask me if you have like maybe an afternoon to listen...HA! I loved it!!!! Then some people walking behind us had a local "flash" a gun at them. We just kept walking. What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico, right?! Hey, at least I learned to haggle properly.

Sat. The beach again. We were done with adventure & our vacation was coming to an end. 7 1/2 hours on the beach. I burned my armpits! LOL! who would have thought to use sunscreen there! Then, since it was our last night we "dressed for dinner". Fancy Japanese meal in Mexico.

Sun. Was spent taking photographs & then we flew home. Can't say if I had to pay I would spend my money going to Cabo, but over-all it was a fun trip, my cousin was a joy to vacation with, and I was flattered that she took me along.

We were both glad to be home. My family all lived without me here & I traded souvenirs for fresh baked cookies. not a bad home-coming, huh!

"For all at last, returns to the sea..."

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  1. Sounds so much like our once in a lifetime trip to Jamaica a few years ago. I am thrilled for you that you got the chance to get away. No one deserved it more than you!


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