Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today is my 37th birthday. Today is also my 20th wedding anniversary.

I can honestly say that getting married at 17 was not smart. (neither was being pregnant at 17)

There were allot of years that I wish I could just erase from memory. There are also good years.

My 4th year of marriage was my favorite so far. This was the year we bought our house and moved our little family in. This was the first step to being "responsible adults" in my mind and also got us away from our well-meaning but interfering parents. My husband and I were so happy and in love with each other. We were probably quite sick to be around! ha,ha!

The 8th year was the most horrible. broken hearts, hateful treatment, illness, problems with the school, I could write a list of things a mile long of all the problems we had or brought on ourselves. This was the year that our marriage almost didn't make it. I think the only thing that kept it together was I had the idea that I didn't want to be labeled a failure.

So over these last 20 years we have grown, matured, learned to prioritize and "pick" our battles. My husband and I are no way close to being the happily-ever-after couple that people look up to, however, we have found time to enjoy what we have and work around the rest. Marriage, like parenting, is a work in progress. I might not be good at either but I have put in the sweat, the tears, the kisses and the hugs. I have offered the best of myself and showed the worst of me. All the time knowing that this is life and it's not perfect.

Over the weekend we took a trip to celebrate. It was suppose to be Hawaii, but life happens, so instead it was Idaho. That's ok. We had four days of real R&R! We really did nothing at all. As my husband & I were soaking in this amazing tub (yes, I do think the tub was built from my fantasies!) together I mentioned to him that maybe if we would have taken a few little trips together over the years we might have been nicer to one another through the everyday trials. Who knows? But there is no going back- only forward.

So, here is to another year of growing, loving, working, praying, and doing our best to live life!

Happy 20th anniversary! (oh, & happy birthday to me)

"It's easy to love when love is easy..., Love...when love is the hardest thing to do..."

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