Friday, April 13, 2012


Meet Simi.

A year ago, the day before Easter to be exact, my husband was working and called me to ask if he could keep something. Since I have had many, many years of junk cars, boats, motors, tools, s(crap) & such filling my house & yard I told him NO!

He said, "it's free, I'll send you a picture." I was ready to defend my position and refuse whatever treasure he was trying to litter our yard with when the text came through. My phone was upstairs so I asked my daughter to look at it. 2 seconds after the phone rang I hear, "awe mom..." I said, "it's a kitten, isn't it?"

There on the screen was a picture of a ratty excavator seat with the stuffing hanging out of it and right in the middle was a little black ball of fluff.

I called my husband back. he had found the kitten on the seat and thought it was dead. When he touched it, it lifted it's head and meowed. It was cold & so my husband tucked her into the pocket of his hoodie & stuffed her onto the seat of our service truck with the heater going to keep her warm. Then he called me.

Well, this is me. An hour later we had kitten formula, droppers, bottles, towels, & a black & white, 10 day old, little girl in our laps. True Love.

My husband, who never (well almost never) got up with our babies was up with me every night for feedings and play-time. Our new baby couldn't keep her body temp. up so we made her a rice-sock. When she was tired she would scoot up on the rice sock & go to sleep, purring. When she was sleeping we kept her in a cat carrier because "the brothers" were not impressed with their new sibling.

Well, Khan loved her! But Kendall, Sab'or, Radar, Gilbert, & Winston were another story. So on a trip for more formula I found a scratching post on sale for 75% off. I brought it home thinking that would be a peace offering. No, all that caused was a fight from "the brothers" over who's tower it was. For about 2 weeks we had nothing but fights and issues with the pets around here.

It all ended one night with a comedy! (gosh, if I had a video- I would be rich!) We were trying to let Simi, who was walking &starting to play, have some time to wander. Khan wanted to play with her too. We were trying to keep him sitting on command and quiet (he barks when he is excited) when Winston decided he needed to be in my lap for some attention. Then Kendall started giving Winston the "look" which caused Winston to start growling, Sab'or heard the growl and came running into the hall which Caused Khan to chase him, then Winston went after Khan so Kendall went after Winston! We had 3 cats & a dog fighting in the living room, while I tryed to hang on to a struggling kitten who was trying to run for cover and shouting for my daughter to help. I was ready to strangle the lot when my daughter bumped the broom handle and it crashed to the floor. ALL THE ANIMALS WENT RUNNING IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS and my daughter shouted out, "GANG WAR, GANG WAR!!!" (watch Oliver & company, you will see the humor) Oh gosh, I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face! & everyone went to bed early that night.

Simi had seizures when she was small. I think it was from being dropped by her mama (cat) into the machine where my husband found her. She has about grown out of them, I hope. It's been a few months since her last one but she still gets cold easy and has to be snuggled up to stop her from shivering. We call her our "special needs" kid.

Over the months our girl turned out to be a beautiful delicate boned, long furred, long whiskered, fluffy-tailed princess. She is also a destructo cat! None of my male cats have ever caused as much havoc as Simi & when she is in trouble and you pick her up she just gives you a purr and a kiss! How are you suppose to discipline when your heart is melting?

She licks windows. She eats blinds, preferably new ones. She loves it when Radar hisses at her and she will deliberately sing to him out the window just to bother him. She is not intimidated by a swat from any of "the brothers", if they hit her, she hits them back. (doesn't matter if they out-weigh her by 6 to 13 lbs she uses her small size to her advantage) she climbs screens, opens windows. If she is hungry she knocks things off the table or dresser until you get her something to eat. She thinks all the toys belong to her. She will tap your leg to be picked up if she wants to cuddle. She will poke your face if you are sleeping and she wants under the covers. She never lost her baby "meow" and loves to sing at birds. She hates to be brushed, it takes 2 of us to brush her out! She loves crumpled paper & will get them out of the garbage to play with. She loves salsa, we don't give it to her because it makes her sick! She also loves playing in the sink if the water is running. When she has soaked the counter & herself she wants to cuddle.

She greets my husband at the door when he comes home. "What Simi wants, Simi gets." is a common phrase at our house.

Yep, she has us wrapped around her little paws...

"No house is complete with out the pitter-patter of kitty's feet."

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