Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's prom time again.

While looking at dresses on the Internet with my daughter and arguing over styles, (she has none & I do! he,he,he) I could not believe how many of those dresses look like the ones my mother wore to prom. I wish my mom still had her dresses, then we could just barrow one from her and I wouldn't have to spend any money and there would be no problem with the "appropriate" factors of buying a prom dress.

I hate prom. (thankfully I never tortured my mother with all this nonsense. Of course, if you ask my mom she will tell you she missed out. I guess it's all perspective.)

Anyway, after dress browsing I was lying on my daughter's bed while she finished up her homework. (another stipulation of getting the dress- grades have to be "B" or higher) My daughter bounced down beside me and I hear, "Mom, I think I see a grey hair!" I said "really? pull it out and let me see it!" So my daughter pucks it out & hands it to me.

It looked brown against my fingers & I told her, "This isn't a grey hair, look at it. It's brown!" She pulls it out of my hand & says, "It's grey!" So we stretched out the hair on a dark paper.

Sure enough, one-half was dark brown & the other half was grey!

I said, "It sure is pretty, more like silver than grey." My grandmother had beautiful silver hair so seeing my own turn silver is not a disappointment to me. I am going to "grey" beautifully! My daughter said, "ya, I know. when I first saw it I thought you had a piece of tinsel stuck to your head!"

Oh, she has a way with words, doesn't she? LOL!

"...making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles."

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