Friday, May 11, 2012


Oh goodness, this past week... let me tell ya,

First, I survived prom! For the last time! YAY! I have to say my daughter said thank you to me for making prom(s) special. Nice huh? She knows I don't really like dress shopping and spending 2 hours curling her hair, but I do it because I love her and I want her to have the memories. So I really enjoyed the "thank you" I got from her.

My cousin is due with her first baby. actually she is overdue. But she is the cutest pregnant-mama you have ever seen! I was over there the other day and while we were talking about pregnancies she mentioned how grateful she was to be able to have her baby. What a joyful comment! It was refreshing to hear! She will make the most wonderful parent, and her husband- doting husband=doting FATHER!!!

My son. we'll just go here for a second. He has not been following through with his commitment to the Marines. I'm sure very few mothers get phone calls from Staff Sargent's wondering why their kids are not being responsible. Kind of embarrassed right now!

My husband and I have been at odds with each other for days. We have left the front lines and are regrouping at our respective camps right now. I went so far last night as to say, "don't be nice to me- we're still fighting!" HEY, I am not ready to wave my white flag just yet! Peace treaties have not been negotiated! (besides I still have ammo left!)

My siblings, ummm well, they are still here and as misguided as ever! My mom keeps assuring me they will grow up. I have my doubts, my oldest sib is 43 & the youngest 29. How many years does it take to grow up?

My MIL! After listening to her tell me she "has the greatest kids, couldn't ask for any better kids than hers!" in a lecture the other day I promptly told her that it was her perogitive to think her kids were great, she is the mother after all- BUT I don't think her kids are all that great! Sometimes I really should control myself! HA, HA, HA! but no I probably won't! LOL!

Lunch today with my other cousin, wonderful as usual!

I'm getting a little restless with life. It feels like I am stuck just "spinning my wheels" but not getting anywhere. Is there such a thing as a Twenty-year-itch? I'm sure these feeling are natural and all that but just what am I suppose to be doing?

"and the wheel in the sky keeps on turning..."

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