Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I am not a cook.

I don't enjoy messing up my kitchen for one meal.

I get allot of criticism for it.

I do occasionally like to prepare something that I've seen on t.v. if I can't beg someone else into making it for me. (btw, my husbands a fabulous cook & loves to cook. I hate cleaning up after he's cooked to I tend to be very territorial about my kitchen! I don't use it much but it's MINE!)

So, happy sunday for hubby! I cooked a "REAL" dinner.

Actually, I grilled a real dinner.

Grilled salmon with lemon & thyme w/ cucumber dill sauce,

balsamic-lemon asparagus,

and tomato-basil-mozzarella salad.

All made from fresh ingredients from the garden. (not my garden, I didn't plant one this year)

And last night for dinner...

Left-over pizza.

Hey, we wouldn't want to loose him from shock, now would we?

"happy cooking!"

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